SDCC 2012: Celebrity Sightings

SDCC 2012 was a year full of celebrity sightings.

Here are some of my photos of the celebrities I saw outside of the panels.

The first batch of photos are of the cast of Twilight that came out to greet the people camped out at the Hall H line. I’m just posting a few here but you can view the rest of them at this link: Twilight Cast at Hall H Line

Maggie Grace
Maggie Grace Greets Hall H Line

Ashley Greene
Ashley Greene at Hall H Line

Casey LaBow and Mia Maestro
Casey LaBow and Mía Maestro with fan

The exhibit floor is a great way to see celebs. There are always celebrities either at signings or just walking the floor.

Zachary Taylor from the first season of the Power Rangers
Zachary Taylor

Kevin Sorbo signing at a table
Kevin Sorbo

WWE’s Alicia Fox
WWE's Alicia Fox

Eddie McClintock from Warehouse 13
Eddie McClintock

Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk at the CBS Booth
Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk signing at the CBS Booth

Arnold Schwarzenegger coming in from the back entrance. I was actually waiting to see Kristin Kreuk exit the back after she finished w/ her signing at the CBS booth.
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Chris Hardwick, Baba Booey, and two others
Chris Hardwick and Baba Booey

Sara Underwood of G4 (SDCC workers were nasty about getting close for photos)
Sara Underwood as  The Khaleesi, Daenerys Targaryen

Chris Gore of G4
That Chris Gore

Jessica Chobot of G4
Jessica Chobot

Candace Bailey of G4 signing at the G4 booth
Candace Bailey at G4 Booth Signing

Outside of the convention center’s a great way to spot celebrities too. Normally you can spot them outside their hotels or near hotels.

David Boreanaz walking by.
Blurry Photo of David Boreanaz walking by

Misha Collins from Supernatural jogging along the Hall H Line

British Actress Outside the Hard Rock Hotel (Anybody know her name?)

Stan Lee going back to the Marriot
Stan Lee

Mark Christopher aka Big Mike from Chuck inside the Hilton
Mark Christopher (Big Mike) from Chuck

Lance Reddick from Fringe inside the Hilton
Lance Reddick from Fringe

Who’s this one? This was at the Hilton also.

Also saw John Noble and Michael Emerson at the Hilton, but I didn’t take photos of them.

This year the TV show Extra had a stage outside the convention center. That’s a great way to spot celebrities on the Extra Stage or at the entrance in the back.

Cast of Children’s Hospital
Extra Stage with Children's Hospital

Cast of The Big Bang Theory

That was it for 2012. Can’t wait until next year.