SDCC 2012: Top 5 Cosplay

What are my Top 5 Cosplay from SDCC 2012?.

This year I spent a lot of my time in Hall H (plus the long Hall H line) so I wasn’t able to take a lot of cosplay photos, but out of the few I took here are my Top 5.

5. Slave Leia Chis Gore – Oh man, what a sight. I can’t believe Chris Gore went Slave Leia. So traumitizing, but yet great! I had to put him on my list this year so he goes #5.
Slave Leia and Chris Gore as Male Slave Leia
Chris Gore as Slave Leia with another Slave Leia

4. Baby Chun Li – It looks like there were 2 different little girls dressed as Chun Li. I love the 2nd photo because it looks like she was just K.O.’ed from a fight.
Baby Chun Li
Chun Li KO'ed

3. Catwoman from Arkham City by Yaya Han – Awesome costume created from scratch.
Yaya Han as Arkham City Catwoman

2. Dark Helmet from Spaceballs – Spaceballs was one of my favorite movie growing up. Love Dark Helmet.
Dark Helmet
Dark Helmet from Spaceballs

1. Baby Dalek – So cute! I wish I got a better picture of her though.
Baby Dalek

Honorable mentions in no particular order:
Mortal Kombat Skarlet by Kasea (VP)

Here’s the gallery of all the SDCC 2012 Cosplay. What is your Top 5 or favorite?
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