SDCC 2011 OMFG Meetup

One of the best thing this year at a non-eventful Hall H SDCC was the spontaneous OMFG meetup. It really wouldn’t be a SDCC without seeing Olivia Munn there.

Since this will be the first official year that she’s not working for the G4 Network anymore nobody really knew if there was going to be a meetup, but she did make a few hints about being at Comic-Con and said that there WILL be one. Here are her tweets:

O.M….G. Jst locked in my schedule & goin 2 Comic-Con!!! @VanityFair asked me 2 b their tour guide & pop @KristaSmithLA’s nerd cherry. Yay!

OF COURSE, silly. Wouldn’t b where I am w/o u all. “@Danny_GTI04: @awalker2334 @oliviamunn Great so we’re hoping there’s an OMFG meetup :D”

From the tweets you can see that she was coming to SDCC and there will be some kind of meetup, but since she’s not with G4 anymore nobody knew how it would happen.

Then she made another tweet about the meetup on Friday night:

OMFG Meetup 2moro! Workin out place&time now. Cant come 2 Comicon & not do fan meetup 4 the ones who gave me everything, now can I? :) xox

There were no details and with so much already happening at Comic-Con there was a chance that I couldn’t make it there. For me, Saturday was Ballroom 20 day with Chuck (entering final season so it’s probably their last Chuck panel), a few Fox cartoons, and then Vampire Diaries. Vampire Diaries was scheduled until 4:30pm.

To my luck, Olivia tweeted before the meetup that she has an hour free to meetup starting at 4pm.

OMFG Comic-con 2011 meetup!! Ive got an hour 2 hang. If u wanna say hi Ill be on grass next to Hilton Bayfront by the water @4pm 2day. Yay.

One thing I learned about getting to the back of the convention center is that you CANNOT exit through the back at all. They blocked up every entrance/exit in the back. The only way was to exit the front and then go around the convention center to goto the back. Extra walking. I loved it! I took a neat photo of a cosplay photoshoot though that was going on in the back.
Batman and Poison Ivy Cosplay

Once I reached the Hilton lawn I saw a big crowd. There were already a huge crowd and they were sitting in a circle. I got there at 4:40pm and this is how it looked like:
OMFG Crowd

I actually saw this when I was in the back of the convention center trying to get out, but I didn’t take a photo. I should’ve… but I didnt.

My schedule was a bit tight since this was Comic-Con and there was a huge crowd there for Olivia. I knew I wouldn’t have time to meet with her this time. The convention center closes at 7pm and I wanted to walk around. If I waited for her I would’ve missed out on seeing the exhibit hall. SDCC is only once a year and I aleady meet Olivia a few times already so I just snapped a few photos and left. Here are my photos from the OMFG meetup:

You can also find videos of the meetup on youtube. Here’s one of many by Andre Walker:

If you made it to the last of his videos you can see how appreciative Olivia is and starts hugging everybody. Shows you that she’s really genuine and really cares about her fans. She didn’t have to come out to meet with her fans, but she did. Also, she spent around 90 mins at the meetup and tried her best to meet up with everybody. I don’t think she did since she had to run to the Cowboys and Aliens premiere.

Here’s Olivia’s tweet after the meetup.

OMFG!!! Thx 4 coming out last-minute and doing a Meetup on the grass @ Comicon was SO DOPE! YAY!

What a great meetup even though I didn’t get to meet her. I think Olivia should do a meetup on the Hilton grass every year. Maybe someone should suggest this to her the next time they see her. =)