SDCC 2011: Top 5 Moments

Another year, another SDCC. SDCC 2011 will be my 3rd one and I’m still loving it. A lot have changed since the last 3 years. Here are my top 5 moments from this year’s con in no particular order!

Comic Con 2012 Registration Cards #1669 to1672
Pre-register for the SDCC 2012 4-Dday Badge with Preview Night
This year the procedure to pre-register for next year’s badges was changed. Instead of being able to get them in the Sails Pavilion they moved it into the Hyatt and it was from 8am-11am only. Another thing was that they only had a limited amount of each badge (4 day w/ preview, 4 day, Thursday only, Friday only, Saturday only, Sunday only) per day. Nobody knew how many exactly they had. Everything was vague and unknown. I actually was thinking hey, it starts at 8am so why not get there at 6:30ish-7? Well, I got up a little early so I went straight there in the morning. First though when I got there: O M G! The line was over 500 deep already. My path to the Hyatt was from 5th avenue and then towards the Hyatt. Once I got into the Hyatt I found out that the line was in the back and went allllll the way back towards the convention center. I wasted 15 mins by walking in a circle pretty much. I was afraid there won’t be any preview night badges left, but it’s okay, right? I told myself that all I really need is guaranteed badges for next year. Better to have than to not have, right? The line started moving and after I got into the Hyatt to queue up someone annoucned that everybody in the room will be guaranteed at least a 4 day pass. That’s great news.

Kidrobot Exclusives
Kidrobot Exclusives
This one should also go under a top 5 worst moments list. The Kidrobot Street Fighter Evil Ryu and South Park Mysterion figures were the only 2 exclusives I really wanted this year. The Kidrobot booth wasn’t expecting such a hugh crowd for their exclusives so they were a bit disorganized. The line got so long that they had to move the line outside of the exhibit hall. The problem was that the people on the floor kept getting into the line there not knowing that the end of the line was moved outside of the floor. The wait time on the line outside the exhibit hall w/o moving was over an hour. Most of my preview night was wasted by waiting on line but then I guess it was worth it at the end. The figures were great and just because I waited so long I got extras to sell on ebay. I usually don’t bother with that, but I had to since the line killed about 2 hours of my preview night. Missed out on a lot of things.

Ballroom 20 on Friday, July 22, 2011
This year’s SDCC was the year of the TV Shows. There weren’t a lot of big movies this year. No Marvel Studio’s The Avengers like last year. No Superman or Batman. The Amazing Spider-Man was there, but sadly I had to miss it for all the great TV Shows in Ballroom 20. The Friday schedule in Ballroom 20 had the best lineup this year at the con: Torchwood: Mircale Day, AMC’s The Walking Dead, The Big Bang Theory, Bones (CANCELLED!!), Eureka, Warehouse 13, True Blood, and Batman: Year One. I sat thru every one except for the Batman one, which started pretty late and lasted pretty long. I would’ve stayed for it if I didn’t have to get up early again for the Chuck panel. Bad thing about going thru all those panels is that True Blood was the only one that gave out swag. Torchwood was the best panel of the day because John Barrowman is just AWESOME!

Olivia Munn
OMFG Meetup with Olivia MunnOlivia Munn was at SDCC this year, but not with G4. This year she came with Vanity Fair and was doing some other stuff. She really cares about her fans and squeezed in some time to do a meet up on the Hilton lawn. She tweeted it pretty last minute and I was only able to make it there about 40 mins into it. There was already a huge line so I wasn’t able to see her this time. The exhibit hall was about to close and I just got out of Ballroom 20. I hung around for about 15 mins, took some pictures and left. I had to visit the exhibit hall a bit that day before it closes.

Karen Gillan and Matt Smith
Doctor Who Panel in Hall H on Sunday, July 24, 2011If you’re not a Doctor Who fan then maybe you should be! The Doctor Who panel was by far the most fun and interesting panel that I sat thru this year. This year was Matt Smith’s first Comic Con. They weren’t able to make it last year, which was sad, but they did make it this year. The panel was great, but what made it even better were the die-hard Doctor Who fans. Lots of cosplay and unity! Right before the panel came out everybody started raising their sonic screwdrivers up in the air and might’ve chanting something for the panel to start. Great Doctor Who moment!

What are your top moments of SDCC 2011?