NYCC Exclusive: White Lantern Hal Jordan

New York Comic Con 2010 is here and Graphitti Designs is at it again with another DC Direct exclusives. This time it’s the Brightest Day White Lantern Hal Jordon.

In the previous comic conventions, Graphitti Designs had the rainbow Hal Jordans, Black Lantern Hal Jordan, and White Lantern Sinestro.

In order to buy this figure you’ll need to get a wristband. Lines for the wristbands will be at Area 1C located on Level 1 under the Exhibit Room floor at these times:
Friday – 2 PM
Saturday – 11 PM – 2 PM
Sunday – 11 PM

After you get the wristband you can purchase the figure at the Graphitti Designs booth #2451 starting at the time indicated on your wristband.

If any figures remain they will be on sale without wristbands at 1 PM Sunday.

Beside the White Lantern Hal Jordan, Graphitti Designs will also have the Blackest Night/Brightest Day Light-Up Power Rings that will NOT need wristbands.