Geeking out for Doctor Who in New York City

Doctor Who, the longest running science fiction TV show in the world, have finally time traveled to New York City. I’ve been a fan since 2005 when the show got relaunched and have seen them at SDCC (David Tenant in 2009 and Matt Smith and Karen Gillan in 2011) a few times already. The atmosphere at the Doctor Who panels are the greatest. You get the greatest fans in the world, the most dedicated and passionate fans attend and they get so excited for the show. The filming in NYC was no different.

I first heard about Doctor Who filming in NYC from OLV. Christine, the admin of OLV, said that they will be filming in NYC during that week (4/9/2012) so I checked the site everyday for updates. No news on Monday and Tuesday, but come Wednesday morning there were reports of them filming in Central Park by the duck pond.

When I got there nothing was going on around the duck pond. A little bit disapointed, but still hopeful since film crews tend to shoot at multiple locations in the park so I didn’t give up and walked around for a bit looking for a crowd of people. Lucky for me I spotted them north of the Wollman Rink. I had to go around thru the Dairy Visitor Center in order to get to them. Snapped a picture from the side as I was heading to the set.


Here’s the very first photo I posted online that eventually got Explored on Flickr.

Doctor Who filming in Central Park, New York City

There weren’t a lot of Doctor Who fans when I got there. I would say there were maybe 15-20 Whovians there and the rest were just passing by.
Here are a few photos of that scene along with a short video clip.

They filmed at this location for probably over 2 hours and then had lunch afterwards. The next few locations are on the Bow Bridge, at and around the Bethesda Fountain and finally at the Bandshell/Mall area.

The crowd got larger as more and more reports of them got on the internet.

There was a hugh crowd at the Bow Bridge and a ton of paparazzi by then.


Here’s the second photos I posted online that also got Explored on Flickr.
Doctor Who filming in Central Park, New York City

Here are a few more photos of the Bow Bridge scene and a short video.

I couldn’t make it to any of the Bethesda shoots, but did make it to the final scene they shot, which was a grieving by the Doctor and Amy Pond.

The last scene they filmed at Central Park was with Matt and Karen. Afterwards Matt thanked the crowd for coming out and did another one of his “I’m not worthy” to the crowd.


He didn’t really stuck around to take photos and sign autographs though. He did smile for the camera and sign a few autographs while rushing to the car though.

One cool thing I found out about Matt Smith is that he uses a G4 backpack.